Dear Ally: A Short PSA On Not Becoming The Asshole You Hate

1. It’s not cool to shame 45 for having a mental disorder. You actually don’t need to shit on the mentally ill to shame that man. I dunno. Talk some other shit without punching down.

2. It’s also not cool to shame Sean Spicer for occasionally mixing words or letters up. If homeboy has dyslexia or any kind of speech or language disorder, or even shows signs of it, maybe it’s *super not okay* to point fingers and call him a dumbass for that. There are a million other reasons to insult the man, but goddamn there there good people who suffer from these kinds of disorders? I dunno. Maybe it feels good, but it *~*actually*~* helps no one and erodes your decency. Being decent is hard sometimes, but again, don’t punch down.

3. *~* Lists a bunch of other ethical compromises…

4. Also, SNL is generally garbage. Sometimes they hit, but lets not forget some of this horrible shit:

a. that Alec Baldwin has been casually homophobic and sexist — so he’s probably a laugh riot, but let’s not go lifting the motherfucker on our shoulders.

b. This is also a show that played a large part in normalizing 45. They helped.

c. This is the same show that fat shamed Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky. Listen to women and all that.

d. I could go on, but let’s just be aware that this show has some easy meaningless wins, but it ain’t our values.

5. Don’t be an asshole.


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