Spec for Horror Anthology.

The Ashen Horse.
The same Macktavist douche wearing a “Grab Her By the Brain” in 2016 is the same Pop-Left Liberal who wore a “Consent is sexy” t-shirt in 2015. 
His favorite actor is Casey Affleck. His favorite rapper is Macklemore. The first funk album he listened to was Donald Glover’s. He once went on a trip to some country in Africa and has pictures with a gaggle of African children who are not his. He will never not talk about his volunteering. 
Even though you are a woman he will correct you on applications of feminism. There is something wrong with him, but you can’t figure out what it is. But it’s on the tip of the tongue. 
And then at 3AM, he will send you a poorly lit close up picture of his ruddy, semi erect, drunk penis. 
You are no longer asleep. You are not awake. You’re neither alive nor dead. You’re in a state that can only exist in between disbelief and horror in the twilight zone.


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