Christmas Fanficfilm: X-men (1985)

This movie exists in a parallel universe where Nightbreed was never born. Orion pictures is producing the film.

Plot? Mutants are hated and feared. Publicly hated and shunned by society. President Kelly has won a second term.  The government is very much the OmniCorp of this version of the franchise.

In this world, upon puberty, all mutants are registered and placed in government housing with their families. It’s very much like real world segregation. One Kitty Pryde (Ally Sheedy) is outed during a routine physical, and she is sent to one of the houses. Even though she was outed, her powers have not yet been discovered.

Throughout the film there is a recurring image on a man on TV preaching against the mutants (a la “I’d buy that for a dollar”). This dude is Reverend Stryker. You get a sense that the media is very much anti-mutant.

Meanwhile, you got Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants (mainly Blob, Toad, Mystique, and Sabertooth) planning a BLOODY revolution… A la the French Revolution. He’s been wronged and he wants to punish the humans and blow shit up. Classic righteous terrorist shit.

Meanwhile the X-Men ain’t about all that noise and basically exist to protect Xavier’s bullshit dream of peace. In this, Xavier is a college professor who runs a school on the side and appears before the media as a lobbiest for mutant rights. Him and his mutant allies are all basically  closeted though. At one point in the movie, Xavier is attacked after an interview, but he is protected by two bodyguards, one is a giant Russian and the other is a sweaty dude in black with long messy hair.

The movie basically happens when Xmen find Kitty and teach her how her powers work. They confront the brotherhood who wants to basically nuke the govt. The good guys win and an AMAZING SEQUEL is made in 1992.

Director: Clive Barker

Kitty PRYDE – ally Sheedy 

Wolverine – Stallone

Cyclops – Michael Biehn

Storm – Angela Basset

Jean Grey – Lea Thompson

Colossus – Dolph Lundgren

Xavier – Patrick Stewart 

Magneto – Rutger Hauer

Mystique – Grace Jones

Toad – someone gross

Sabertooth – Nick Nolte

Blob – a bigger guy


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