Poll: who is more insufferable in my feed?

A. Snobs…congrats you read the news

B. General idiots…congrats 

C. Every otherwise generic dude violently Googling in an attempt to prove his political science expertise to some bro that is trying to prove the same thing…pseudo intellectuals in a neverending battle to measure their own dicks and prove their “intellectual superiority”

D. Folks whose social/political awareness ends in self-congrats/”yay, I’m a good person, look at me care”

E. People in a never-ending wokeness off

F. White dudes complaining about political correctness 

G. Dudes talking about feminism to attract women.

H. Me

I. Me last year

J. You

K. Any white dude who uses the term “cucks” 

L. Liberals who expect to be taken seriously and believe that #Love #LoveArmy save the day

M. People who like the Beatles.

N. Cowboys fans. AKA Me

O. People who love Kanye

P. People who hate Kanye

Q. People who think Eminem is the best rapper of all time.

R. People who subtweet on FB (Me)

S. People who love Obama

T. People who hate Obama

U. People who OD on white guilt. No one asked for you to be guilty. Just talk to your fucking uncle so I won’t have to.

V. Those people who call themselves liberals but are actually just entitled idiots

W. Those people who call themselves conservatives but are actually just pigheaded idiots

X. Those people who call themselves libertarians but are actually just idiots with something to prove

Y. You

Z. Most people that went to Kellenberg or Manhattan College.

AA. Me.

AB. You.

The answer is Q.


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