Removed from Facebook #3

Just a tip for white people: #AllLivesMatter is an admission of ignorance. It is not helpful that you don’t see color, or ignore race, or can stomach the fact that I am black. At this point in history, I’d be put more at ease if you asked me to ‘shut my nigger mouth about my nigger problems’ than see that #alllivesmatter shit. Racism that is active is far easier for me to stomach than the deeply embedded subconscious antiblackness experienced by people who like to call themselves my friend. #BlackLivesMatter is a reminder to a culture that forgets a lot of important shit. We don’t want a race war. That is straight up baloney. Every time one of us is gunned down by the confused hands of the law, we choose love every time. We even love your profoundly stupid and misguided asses.


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