So how do we raise Hell on Earth?

We don’t. That’s powerlessness fucking with you. Fuck powerlessness.

…and I’m not trying to chastise cause I’m in no place to, and I’m not an asshole.

We remember that we are civilized and decent people. Blind rage, although sexy accomplishes nothing. It makes good people desperate. It robs you of your ability TO REASON. We need conversations. We need to hear each other. We need to try, to understand the roots of inequality before slapping a label on it. We need to be thorough in our discourse. There are deep PROBLEMS with conservatism just as there are with neoliberalism. There’s rhetoric that had blinded us, and I think we need to take our red and blue hats off, open our eyes, and ask ourselves and each other “What’s going on?”

What’s going on?

I had a horrible raw turkey analogy here, but I’mma skip it and cut to the chase: Trump is bad, and what is worse is how it has enabled cruel, monstrous people to come out of the woodwork. We pretended that the did not exist. We pretended the world was good. We pretended it was INSANE that Trump could ever be taken seriously. We said this world was impossible. We were not strategic. Some of us sat back. And we ignored people that may not have had entirely different views.

Fuck values and all the *meaningless* platitudes we all get HIGH on.  I was talking with Aaron Souza today and the thing is, everyone needs to take a shit. Everyone needs to sleep. Everyone needs to eat. Everyone was born from a woman. Everyone loves someone. And someone loves them.

Everyone also gets scared. And there are people who will use your fear of the dark to lead you to where they need you to go with with whatever dim light they have. They see your worst self and play to it.

This kind of shit is why I don’t believe in heroes, because it makes people complacent to rely on someone to save them. And maybe some people need to be, but if you got up and voted, you should know your work is not done yet.

Do not get dragged through the dark. We’re all in the dark and the monsters are real, but we need to link arms and take our own steps forward.

I’ve read tale after tale of the nightmares in this country. We don’t have to become it. We don’t have to get lost in it. We can be decent people.

Donald Trump is the president, but let’s not lose our fucking shit. Look at yourself in the mirror and know your worth. Protect yourself and your neighbor. Do the work. Be decent. Be excellent.

Go High.

*Meaningless meaning empty and purely used to manipulate.

**This doesn’t apply to any motherfuckers protecting themselves through others oppression though. Or advocates for oppression. You’re kind of totally fucked and are going to die out anyway.

***I’mma write something soon about safe spaces and political correctness soon because I think this is also a thing we need to talk about. Let’s just say I’m pro-Don’t be a fucking asshole. Which I hope everyone could rally behind.


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