Okay, No More Prayers.

We need our compassion to be as radical as our hopes and thorough as the measures we need to take to protect ourselves. We need to love. We need to READ. We need to inform. We need to organize public systems of protection and engage in them on a daily basis. If you got my back I got yours.
And if you got any kind of privelege, you need to RADICALLY and publicly reject the ideologies and the rhetoric at the heart of Trump’s victory. This mostly applies to heterosexual cis white men. You need to be as passionate and vigilant as the people who have been fighting for years to:
A) not get raped

B) not get murdered by law enforcement

C) escape social economic squalor

D) not get killed/assaulted/shamed discriminated against because of their sexual orientation/gender identity/religion/race/body

E) generally exist like you do, without all to bullshit that comes with being other.
Reject the systems and ideologies that oppress your heart and your friends and the ones you love. Do not be apathetic. Do not be hopeless. Be fierce. Be awake. And when you need to be, be militant and fight back. Cause there will be fights.
And to everyone. Protect each other. We have a hateful fishbowl of hot, steaming, freshly pissed and re-pissed orange Gatorade as our president. Its basically the Axis storyline from Marvel. Let’s hold on to our vision of what it really means to be Americans. Which is not Ambivalent Sexist Nazis.


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