Go High

Going to take a step back from all this shit because the pain is real and it is deep. I’ve flash flood cried five times today and those that know me know that I do not cry and when I do, it is meticulously planned and controlled. I know how I want this to go, and I know that I am going to have to demand the very BEST of myself and share it with you. I want to fight, I want to crack wise. I want to be the loud angry nigga that has been howling inside my gut my entire life… But I think we all need to take a break and revisit this.
But y’all truly righteous motherfuckers know who you are. You know because you didn’t give yourself to a brute. You are powerful. You have a voice. You are your most powerful and valuable asset. So care for yourself and protect each other. Your peers have elected a hateful fishbowl of hot, steaming, freshly pissed and re-pissed orange Gatorade as our president. That bastard won the battle, but the war never ends, and we’ll fight it till we die.
But before hell is raised, let’s all get have an ice cream break. The sun still rises. And when it does, I will complain about it being too sunny, since overcast is my favorite weather.
Go High.

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