A Prayer to People

I’ve filled the god shaped hole in my life with faith in people.

And when a godless person prays it is to admit to and accept the fundamental lack of control and powerlessness that defines human existence. 

I am simultaneously hopeful and frightened for the future of this country. I have reached a point in my life where I can no longer worry about my future, but the future of the kids coming up now. And my brothers. And my sisters. And even the ones that I do not agree with.

But mostly the kids. As I’ve gotten older, I can see the potential timelines my life could have taken fade away. It becomes less likely each day that I will be a doctor, a Miami Narc, or an astronaut. This week I’m making peace with the fact that I may never be an Alvin Ailey dancer, leader of a synthpop band, or a half way decent freestyle rapper. The vines of my timeline are converging into branches on a tree. I am becoming me and I am lucky to know what I know. I will do my utmost to challenge this inevitable setting process because that is what people do. 

Rage against the dying of our high school fantasies.
But the futures that are more important are the thousands of timelines that belong to the next generations coming of age in America.

I think especially about the little girls I saw on my way to vote today. Who get to grow up to kick ass if we encourage them to. 

And fuck, guys none of them candidates are saints, but GODDAMN we gotta pick a president and we gotta think about what we really need.

Fuck’s sake guys. I was trying to be coy and cute but y’all aren’t about to hand over the presidency to someone who is underqualified just to be contrarian, right? Y’all clearly got better sense.

I want someone I can trust not to fuck my money up and blow the country to hell. I want someone with experience who AT LEAST KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK THEY ARE DOING.

More than that, I want us to stop attacking each other. Believe it or not, our bullshit Facebook debates are monetized. So let’s really evaluate some of our fucking values, weigh pros and cons, and make this country represent everything it claims to represent on its OKCupid Profile.


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