An Open Letter To Niggas I Know That Got Common Sense


If a black person is speaking truth, specifically about white privilege, and white folks ain’t tryina hear it and ain’t validating it, do black folks even make a sound?

The answer to this conundrum is you shouldn’t give a fuck. Don’t waste your time, you owe them nothing. Who gives a fuck about a seat at their table? When we talk about the injustices that plague us and our community on a macro and micro level, Anyone trying to:

  • police your voice
  • silence you
  • tell you that you are wrong
  • twist your words
  • tell you that you are being too harsh
  • tell you you’re taking it to “another level”
  • tell you you are “being offensive”
  • embarrass you
  • tell you that you’re wrong
  • tell you that they are not racist
  • “defend themselves”
  • whitesplain racism
  • tell you that you are hateful
  • etc…

…anyone trying to do any of this shit is protecting their privilege. They do not care about you. They will not be your champion, and you should not want them to. They are passive beneficiaries of the subjugation, enslavement, and slaughter of our brothers and sisters.

They might as well be fucking vampires. They are not worth the emotional labor it takes. They have not searched their souls because the weight of maintaining all that delicious white privilege demands that they abort the very fetus of empathy.

It makes me sick to watch you or myself in this Sisyphean task. I would rather try to turn water to wine, wood to gold, and a wall into an emotional/intellectual equal.

Moral: Doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, or whatever. Only fuck with niggas that have souls.


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