The Everynegro

What I love about Luke Cage is that the show is electrifying despite the fact that the titular character onscreen was diluted from the unapologetic loud brash renegade black man to being more of a taciturn Everynegro.

  • Someone who is street *~enough~* but also overtly good natured and filled with love for his community. He’s what Superman was meant to be for the lower classes during the depression.
  • The champion of the little guy who could not be stomped. You see black folks are diverse as hell, so Luke had to be the Everynegro to represent a nexus point for what we all experience.
  •  I find Colter to be a subversion of many of the expectations I have about the character… He’s more of a folkloric interpretation of the character like John Henry or something. A vessel meant to embody the LCDs of Blackness. Pain. Injustice. Resilience. Tenacity.
  •  That is why I think it was so great that the show HAD to be about his world. He was the prism that refracted the varying black experiences of other characters. 

That is a lot of weight for one show. I find it unfair that so much of our work has to be commentary, educate white people, or *~represent~*, but that’s the world were in. 

Luke Cage had to be a superhero show about blackness. But it should not be the only one. So no pats on the back. If you’re black and nerdy, we should probably get to work because “with great responsibility comes great power” and all that. At least that’s the way it shakes down for us.
If you’re non-black POC, promote your shit so we can have your back.

And if you’re white, I guess support out shit because we were promised 40 acres and a mule by your forefathers and I’m tired of taking it out on you.

– for more thoughts on The Everynegro, watch me watch Atlanta.


One thought on “The Everynegro

  1. Mike E Delta says:

    I kinda feel like of the show had been allowed to happen at another time, he could have played a bit differently but I feel that we as a society have turned progress inside out and therefore a reeducation is necessary for many who seem to have forgotten…have you seen Coulter in Halo: Nightfall? I feel he plays his characters a certain way but it really makes us play close attention to the smallest choices. Something I consider pretty regularly, the tiniest thing can change a helluva whole lot 😵

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