meandering thoughts. draft.

I’ve struggled with expressing my thoughts about this, because I’m NOT the one that needs to be heard right now. So please, listen to the women. Believe the women. Learn from the women.

I am lucky and proud to have worked with as many women as I have in performance in comedy. Specifically with improv, I find value in being able to learn from my peers and dear God have I learned lessons from funny women when it comes to listening, community, creating safe spaces, finding strength in vulnerability, etc. I don’t mean to magical negro-ize you all, but I guess what I’m saying is that many of you have been my example of how a more inclusive community should function.

Sometimes I think that the better I feel at performing improv, the better I will get at performing my own humanity, which is burdened by the weight of toxic masculine subroutines.

I consider it a remarkable privilege to work & learn from you all. And it truly breaks my heart what you have to navigate.



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