Dense Motherfuckers

Now some of ya’ll are paying attention. Some of ya’ll are still asleep. Some of ya’ll are waking up late. Some of ya’ll are late and on the wrong side of the bed. And some of ya’ll are sleepwalking, or straight up fucking drunk.

But some of you are awake. Some of you are not pig-headed, soup-for-brains, dense automatons reciting statistics without context, memes without substance, and talking points without real-life meaning. Some of you are just people who know what is right and easy to understand.
We don’t hate cops. We don’t hate people. We just think that the people who are armed and charged with the protection of our lives, protect our lives. We just want the people who protect us, not to kill us, and if they do, we hope they are held accountable. We’re trying to have a society here, right? Just kindly pretty please with sugar on top, stop killing us. It’s almost funny that this is a thing we mean. But police officers are held to a standard so that we know we can trust them. Not keeping cops to this standard is a disservice to the motherfuckers actually out there doing their job well. Some people who get a badge are just scared motherfuckers who get to hold a gun.
#blacklivesmatter is an idea, and an innocuous one at that. This is not some sinister cabal of radical monsters that idiots have made it out to be. *We don’t think that anyone should have to die so that we may live.* We just want to be alive. My parents slogged through lots of shit so that me and my siblings could have that one shot we all get. I would like to live the rest of my life. What is so threatening about a black life? What is so offensive and threatening about my life?
And when we say our lives matter, why do some of you want to talk over us? Why then do you say #alllivesmatter, now? Why then do you say #bluelivesmatter? As if to challenge? What is your point?
When a black unarmed, non-threat is killed by a cop, why do you look for every reason he deserved to die? Do you believe in the process, but only sometimes? When does the process actually come into play for you?
When I match a description of some guy, and a cop pulls a gun on me, at what point should I comply with my impending death? I would like to know when to play the slideshow in my head of the best days I’ve had. For some reason it’s Christmas 1997, Some spring day in 2002, and some fantasy Halloween in the future that I’ll have to make up on the spot.
When during my life should I rehearse my final thoughts, so that they will be *perfect*.
At what point, will the officer be right to kill me?

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