Some More Doctor Who Fanfiction from an Adult

I didn’t edit any of this, and most of it is off the dome. And I get carried away with looking up English things that English people say.


It’s the end of an episode. The Doctor is played by Indira Varma (below)


She is having her final farewell with a charming adventurer. Normally she doesn’t develop attachments after the final true death of another one of her companions, Romana IV. But there is something about this adventurer that quickens the blood… He’s also obviously got some secrets, and secrets are “sexy without question… not that that matters to me, just stating a matter of undeniable fact. It makes no difference to me.” She hasn’t fallen for ay of his shit, and she can’t remember where she’s met him before, even though he insists they were friends back in her “sad boy days.”

The stranger goes by ‘Ditty Lake‘ and he’s like an Indiana Jones type, with a few hints of Mulder from X-Files and Barry Allen from the Flash. He believes in the unexplained. Maybe because he is himself?



The Doctor and Lake stand in front of two wormholes. They are in an extradimensional space between realms, the nexus of all known and unknown realities. “The Alltime.”



The Doctor is just outside the TARDIS, and Lake has no TARDIS. 

“You know you can’t just jump in without protection.”

Lake looks at her like “are you deadass?”

“Not what I meant. Not what I meant!

“Relax, I know I’m a good time, but I like to be safe.”

He pulls out a vortex manipulator. Puts it on. Boots it up.

“Hardcore, right?”

“Where did you get that?”

He sighs.

“Damn, you really don’t recognize me? Very well then…I just feel a little embarrassed for you.”

“What are you going on about?”

“And STILL rubbish at goodbyes.”

“Lake, I don’t know you.”

“Don’t be daft. You never were so don’t be.”

“So TELL me who you are, you dodgy blighter!”

Lake rubs his eyes and then faces the worm hole.

“You know I never did like Thesauruses… so many different words to hide the truth….so many words to say the same simple thing…the easiest thing for me to say really…”

The Doctor is like ‘wat u mean doe?!?!?!’

“My name is Ditty Lake. Christ. It’s DITTY LAKE. The words were right there in front of you and meant nothing…Who thinks about names right? Here I am staring you in the face, like I always am, and you are just utterly bewildered, because you always are…Even when we smash into each other again and again and again…”

Murray Gold’s “Melody Pond” underscores the scene, but this time it’s got James Bond-y style guitars.

“But…Man and woman. Ancient and Quarter-Life Crisis. Good and evil. In any and every corner of the universe… Kepler Delta 42 to bloody Budapest… I love you, Doctor. I always have.”

“I’m sorry… I don’t remember you…”

“Of course…even if we have met a thousand times already…it wouldn’t matter…How long have you been traveling alone?”

“I don’t know. Ages. I’ve had a few stretches in place… lived a few years over again…started to forget things I guess. Important things. Look… It seems like I’ve hurt you… and to be frank… I have absolutely no idea who you are or what we were, but… I’m sorry. I know it must have meant something, but I have to keep moving… You probably knew it would be like this with me. Time and space… that’s the big weird city that I love.”

“Course. Time and space. How could you ever be trapped by the things you love when they keep you ‘right here.'”

Lake looks up into the expanding wormhole.

“You are the one that runs. And I am the one who–”


“I am the one who hurts, Doctor.”

The Doctor walks up closer to Lake.

“What kind of name is ‘Ditty Lake’, anyway?”

He laughs.

“No. You figured it out. Not my real name.”

“Then please… before you go… tell me. Tell me the story.”

There is a pause. Then Lake grabs the Doctor’s hand and his eyes begin to water.

“They say spacetime expands at an exponential rate…they still say that right? So it takes 8 minutes for sunlight to reach us. So when it stops it’s shine, we feel it at a later date… it hurts that I still have to run from you Doctor… but I’m sure I’ll be seeing you. Something like the stargazers staring into millions of yesteryears.”

Lake quickly presses a button on his vortex manipulator and a forcefield begins to generate around him. He starts to fade into a ghostlike ‘time phantom’ form that enables travel through the vortex.


The Doctor then grabs his arm and for a moment, he remains tangible. She pulls out a crossword puzzle that she’s been working on the whole episode.

“Five letter word for song?”


“You already know. It won’t change everything you’ve forgotten.”

“We can try, I’m over a million years old and I’m on my 45th mid-life crisis. We can do therapy!”

“It will end the same as it always does. There’s not a therapist in the world”

“Just say your name, I need to hear it again…I feel what we’ve lost, I just need help remembering…please.”

The wormholes begin to flare.

“Run like hell. Goodnight Sweetie.”

Lake becomes a time phantom, and jumps into the inter-dimensional wormhole. Once he jumps in it closes. The Doctor looks at the now vacant space. She rubs her hand over the dirt where the love of her lives once stood. She squeezes a fistful of it between her fingers and makes a small sad noise. She cries the first cry she’s cried in thousands of years. She loved and lost. The rain is back.

Beneath the handful of dirt is something that got left behind. A letter with an ‘S’ in the wax letter seal. She puts it in her jacket and steps into the TARDIS. She fades into the time stream.

A little while later, she sits down by the TARDIS Console and open up the letter. It says some crazy melodramatic flowery shit that I probably need more time to write.

The episode ends.



Doctor: Today we’re on planet Earth during a desperate age…I want to take down a parasite we all know and loathe: institutionalized sexism!

New Companion: You mean that’s a person?

Doctor: No, a parasite? You really think the human race became this broken on their own? They had some help, and the help has been growing in the ears of the people you call “leader.”

New Companion: Doctor! LOOK OUT!



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