Musings on Kim Kardashian @ Work.

So Kim Kardashian posted a nude selfie and folks got tight about it.

Yo. I’m not a fan of Kim K, but I love how angry and righteous people get whenever she does or says anything. 

What’s better is when other celebrities try to drag her. 

Who the fuck are these people? What bothers them about this? I just don’t get how celebrities can try to get away with this kind of criticism. (Yes. Even Piers Morgan whose editorial is consistently a waste of attention.)

It’s a classic “don’t hate the player, hate the game” situation.  It’s also how some folks get their cut of the 15 minutes of controversy. You could argue I’m doing the same (but at least I’m not being a dick about it). What new ideas are being introduced to us here? Or is it more of the same shaming her for her superficial fame, fandom, open sexuality, open embrace of the artifice of American pop culture. She is married to an outspoken celebrity with his own issues. She is an icon of a culture that has always been shallow, jejune, and empty. 

And we are seeing her naked body again. And some of you hate it. You hate her tits and her ass and her vagina. You shame her in the name of righteousness and intellectual superiority. For being any number of things, most commonly “a whore.” And why do we so badly need to make that association? Furthermore, why do we shame “sluts” and/or literal “whores/prostitutes” or whoever? Why have these words been made to taste like bile when we say them? Why is the notion of female sexuality OR physicality revolting to us? Or the notion of a woman’s own control and command of her body.

I think the reason for hate is either veiled misogyny or hypocrisy. Because how righteous can you really get when you have a Twitter/Instagram account. 

I dunno. On some level I think we’re all reluctant pornographers masturbating our brains to false photoshopped avatars of ourselves.

tl;dr – I think some of us wanna drag Kim K, but don’t really think about how that makes us either hateful or hypocritical. We think it’s Kim K, but it’s more than that. It’s deeper than that. The this hate is older than she is. Ye links himself to Jesus a lot, but I think a stronger case can be made linking Kim K to Mary Magdalene. The woman we want to stone for her audacity to profit from sharing her body.


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