Happy Birthday Superman



Superheroes literally are impossible to think about without Superman. Happy 75th Birthday, my favorite imaginary friend. I probably owe more debts to you than any real person. When I was very little, I grew up idolizing the wrong side of you. I thought Clark was the coolest because he was funny, meek, nice, and totally secure with being the laughing stock of his peers. After 22 years of life, I like to think that I’ve inherited the important work of the common milquetoast. For reals though, I’d have a very black and white imagination without the Mayor of the amazing Four Color Universe. Thanks for getting me through childhood, high school, college, and life. The only thing I love more than superheroes is probably sharing what I love about them and the important lessons I’ve learned from them.

The world is worth fighting for. Ideals are worth dying for. People are worth saving. 


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