For real though, I miss back-to-school shopping

I don’t think I’ve been real back-to-school shopping since sophomore year of high-school.

As a teenager, I remember the heart-simmering anxiety that came with shopping for new school supplies and fresh school uniforms. It’s not like I had to pay for any of it, so what the hell was I anxious about?

Every summer, I’d reset back to neutral after nearly three months of staying inside the house. People would ask me what I did and I’d lie to them.

“Yeah…uh…I just….uh…yeah…you know… hung out with friends.”

Whenever I’d go to school with my fresh books, and my fresh outfit, and my fresh school supplies (LOOK AT ALL MAH SHEEEEEEEYIT) I remember how the calm would wash over me as soon as some unprepared asshole would ask to borrow:

  • a pencil
  • a glance at my textbook
  • $5 for lunch

I like to joke about how I wasn’t privileged as a kid, but whenever I had to be at school, I had everything I needed.

…and a protractor, which I would never use,


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