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Make a Damn Wonder Woman film

She’s a flagship character and I honestly think a good Wonder Woman movie could be the beginning of the end of women as mere plot devices or characters based on sexuality. I don’t really want to see another Black Widow made out of Wonder Woman. And if they’re  smart when they make a good DCCU, people like  Amanda Waller, Hawkgirl, Babs Gordon, Black Canary, or Huntress will be represented so that the whole goddamn world isn’t some superpowered boys club… hell, I’d even be interested in them adjusting Kyle Rayner so that every Green Lantern wasn’t a dude.


6 thoughts on “Make a Damn Wonder Woman film

  1. TK says:

    I agree. I have a desperate need for a bad ass superhero movie featuring a woman as the lead. Wonder Woman seems like the obvious choice. I’m tired of women as side kicks or as the only women in a group of male superheros.

      • TK says:

        DC hasn’t been making me very happy lately. I heard about a comic they have going about bat woman. Her love interest is a female cop and they were going to get married, but DC told them to change it at the last second. Word is that Orson Scott Card will be writing something for them soon and that they may have been trying to please him. Still, it makes me wonder if DC just doesn’t want to come into the modern age of superheros in both their comics and movies.

        (sorry, that was kind of a mini rant)

      • The frustrating thing about DC is their potential for success and progressive storytelling. Personally, I’m not for comic book characters getting married, because it ages them too fast, and limits their possibility. Not to mention, its dangerous for the civilian half of the couple. That said, I think Maggie Sawyer and Batwoman had the potential for really great stories as a married couple. It’s the closest we’d get to seeing a Batman x Commissioner Gordon pairing. They would have been the true definition of a power couple, but I guess DC was afraid of fully committing to taking that leap into the present. Women can’t get married because it’s controversial. “Make’s too much of a statement.” Okay.

        But it’s COMPLETELY fine to oversaturate them with sexuality. Is it only okay for a lesbian character to be a fetish and not a real person? What kind of message is that?

        And don’t even get me started on OSC.

        Mini rants are totally welcome.

      • TK says:

        The article I read claimed DC said something about limiting them, but I disagree. There are a ton of ways you could spin threats, kidnappings or a case where batwoman is the suspect. There could be a falling out where they get divorced and then one of them gets kidnapped. I don’t think it has to limit the story at all.

        I also disagree that something as simple as two people getting married makes a statement. Now, if they were make a huge deal about the fact they are two women, or over-sexualize the wedding, or have another character try and stop the wedding, that could be seen as ‘making too much of a statement.’

        Lastly, I am totally going to get you started on OSC. Apparently, I’m blind because I had no idea OSC had such backwards views until the Ender’s Game movie was announced. Now I am extremely disappointed. I loved the book when I first read it in middle school, but I don’t dare give that man money. I care far too much about human rights. No way am I taking a chance on a single cent of my hard earned income going towards a group trying to undermine human rights.

      • I agree. For Batwoman and Maggie’s case, they could have had potential for good stories–and who knows? They still might?

        And female characters getting married isn’t and issue for me or you, but it’s never been done in the DCU with such flagship characters. In one hand I agree, two women getting married isn’t “making a statement,” but it is to DC. And believe me, I don’t think it’s right. I think that DC has always had a problem with assuming that only one kind of person reads their comics. I think that there are writers and editors with good intentions who really want to tell stories that reflect the world we live in. But at the end of the day, DC is a publisher struggling with an undercurrent of heteronormative, ethnocentric, and hegemonic subtexts. When it’s their turn to make money from being progressive, they are the first at the plate to come out with “brand new, controversial characters.” Something tells me that if Marvel were to do this, they wouldn’t get any press. They have tons of characters that reflect the faces of the people in our world.

        Look at Superman (incidentally my favorite hero) and sadly, you will see the face of most DC characters.

        And Orson Scott Card is a damn great storyteller, so its a shame that he is a bigot. I’ve never had strong feelings about the man, and I’m probably not going to read whatever he’s doing for DC. And I’m happy to say I’ve never pad for any of his work. But I do believe in the man’s right to express his ignorant ass opinion. And I’d prefer it if all ignorant asses made themselves known, so that I don’t have to give them any more money. To be honest I’m not sure if I’ll ever purchase something he writes, but if I do, it will have to be the Citizen Kane of sci-fi.

        Thank you for this lively discussion and I hope you comment more often! We could run a civil rights law firm for fiction characters and have a whole good lawyer/bad lawyer routine!

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