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Why Everyone Should Love Nerdy Boys

This is the frigging truth.

Thought Catalog

“He’s so hot,” my friend said, looking across the bar. And he really was.

He was tall, lean, with the strongly-defined features and three-day scruff that is near-mandatory for a EuroBro of his stature. He had olive skin and black hair and everything about him screamed “I just came back from a few days on the Mediterranean coast, where I belong.” When he talked, people listened. When he saw a girl he liked, he approached her with no hesitation. And in his perfect, near-blinding hotness, he became almost invisible. He was handsome, yes, but he knew that he was handsome, and his complacency radiated from every pore.

“Not my type,” I said, “But I see it.”

All my life, I’ve loved the guys you might call “nerdy.” I love a looker as much as anyone else, but the tall, lean frame and strong roman nose are meaningless if not packaged…

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