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So here’s the thing: The Wire

Damn WordPress deleted my last post! It was about the creative process and procrastination, but then again, maybe its deletion was an act of god.

This was the picture, so I guess use your imagination:

Well. I guess I’ll talk about what its like to be late with watching the Wire.

In between working and writing this weekend, I watched the first season and part of the second. I’ll be done soon.

Let me interrupt myself for a moment to point out how late I am. I know this is old news for you smart people and I hate when late bandwagoners jump on something late and then talk about it online without pointing out the irrelevance of their discussion. It would be like blogging about episodes of the OC or the end of The Sixth Sense.

Having said all that I’l just say 10 words to express my feelings about the first season and go to bed.

1. Fuck.

2. Fuck.

3. Damn.

4. Fuck.


6. Motherfucker.


8. Fuck.

9. …Fuck.

10. Wallace? NOOO WALLACE!!!!




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