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Short Thoughts On Love, Distance, And Being Afraid

Maybe I should share the links I read in my day. Check this Thought Catalog article on LDRs. I really dug it.

Thought Catalog


Sometimes you just know. That can be a very overwhelming feeling. It can be hard to put in words at first. You might not know what you’re feeling. It can come out in the damndest of ways. Some ways are better than others. But then, something happens. An event, a thought, a feeling. It makes it all clear. It’s like a billboard sign staring at you in the face. “Oh hey, this is what you’re feeling, it’s called love. You love them.” 

You know, that feeling thats been making you non-stop check your phone, wondering what they’re doing every second of the day. That giddy feeling that you start to smile for no reason. You start to go through your music library and start playing those happy tunes that you put on a shelf for the past year.

Events flicking by your brain of the last…

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