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Remember your Martins

If Zimmerman is deemed innocent for murdering a teenage boy, I’ve totally lost my faith. I’m probably going to stop telling people that “the world is getting better.” 

I’m really torn about this issue. I like to believe in the post-racial/bigotry America. An America with a non-white President. An America where you can marry whoever you care about. An America that provides equal opportunities for everyone, and picks up the slack where the weights are unbalanced. An America where I don’t have to think twice about going to the movies with my girlfriend, who even in the darkness of a movie theater is still visible because she is white as fuck. Seriously. (I joke when I’m uncomfortable.)

But I believed in this America. Everyday I thought I saw it.

But to echo Dr. King: Even after 150 years, the negro is not free. S/he is still other. S/he is still someone who is not [Insert]. To say the least it is disappointing. I’ve been going about my day unknowingly shackled to invisible pillars of fear and misunderstanding. I’ve been gallivanting through life with the illusion of freedom in the back of my head–so deep I don’t even realize that every single one of my disposable transient actions is an expression of freedom. Not just freedom. But kinship. That sister/brotherhood of man kind of thing. That we are the human race kind of thing. I thought we were liberated the way mankind should be. I think if justice takes place at the Zimmerman trial, there is still hope for us. For the media, for the nation, for the people and the causes.

I’ll stop before I ramble more. It’s hard to talk about this without everything pouring out. 

But if Zimmerman wins, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask the question: 

What kind of America do we live in? An America where a young black man can be hunted and killed for holding a bag of candy on the way home.

Are we still in the America of:

Emmett Till

Louis Allen

Issac Woodard

Rodney King


Jena Six

Scottsboro Boys

Oscar Grant

Ossian Sweet

Lynch Mobs

and many more…

Some of these I knew off the top of my head. Some of these I looked up. Mind you there’s an entire internet out there and I just focused on the persecution of black men in America. I haven’t gone into the resurgences of other brands of injustice and hate that still pervade our nation. It’s all too much. Sometimes I feel like there is no human race… and we really are worse than animals. We are machines that cannot truly see.

But like the cheek-turning, lamp-rubbing, star-wishing fool that I am… I still have hope. Let’s treat this not as a time to divide ourselves, but to really see ourselves as one collective. One race of humans that know that for starters: shooting a 17 year old kid is a really fucking bad move. Then you’ll see it’s not just race (which is what the media loves to impose on the way you see this). This is really just an issue about a kid getting shot for no reason and one bastard who may or may not get away with it.

Remember the ones who died in a free nation. Remember the fights and dreams their tragic deaths have further inspired. These aren’t cats being run over in the street. These are humans like you and me. Please honor the hopes of those lost to hate.

To name a few.


Remember your Gandhis. Remember your Brandon Teenas. Remember your Tank Men. Remember your Annes. Remember your Martins. 




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