A Rare Rambling: Manifesto

I am going to ask “Diane” to dress like this. Yes this is Hillary Clinton. Yes, the quotations are to indicate the fake name. Yes, I’m blogging about my girlfriend. Yes, I’ve given up on trying to make this blog professional. I’m not a reporter and I have no pedestals to stand on. I’m a child in a young man’s body, measuring his life in coffee breaks and bathroom trips. I created this blog with the intentions of creating something to show potential employers. To show that I’m a grown up. But the thing is that no matter how many pages I write, or how much half-hearted facial hair I grow, I will always see life from the perspective of a ten year old in a grown man costume.

I am not a professional. I will never be a professional. I like to like things and have opinions. I’m a Gen-Yer and that is something I would like to enjoy. So I will attempt to write about things that are interesting, weird or important to you. Because I am a child behind a writer’s hands. The only opinion I have about office politics is:

1. People should always e-mail me. I’ve gotten kind of good at my job.

2. We need more hot chocolate.

So here’s where we are readers. This blog is not important. I don’t write to reach conclusions; I really like conversations. Gimme that. Be they comments, be they likes.

Sorry about veering off-topic. Hillary Clinton is a very attractive woman. I want my current and future employers to know this.


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