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Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad - 9

I loved this show and this toy. The Gem. It was left behind at my old house in LI when I was 3…or the old red van my mom had, I can’t remember which trauma stole my beloved. But now, I am left without my champion and a serious distaste for change. My office just did some layoffs and though I am still employed, I am NOT cool with moving to a new desk.

“You mean I have to stare at DIFFERENT buildings?”


I mourned it for a very long time, because it was my favorite toy. I think Mom has been making up for this “trauma” ever since by spoiling me with other toys… but this toy was my Moby Dick. My David Dunn. And now I know where it is. I feel like that last scene in Unbreakable. Somehow, I am completed by this.


Superhuman Samurai, the awesomely nostalgic series, will be on DVD later this month. I cannot wait to possess several of these relics of my childhood. All 53(?) episodes will be mine along with the merch. My childhood is over, and I mean that in a good way.

Here is the opening the the best show ever.


A Toy Story: “They called me Mr. Glass”


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